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Last Updated: 29 Nov 2011

DA - Notice 04: Sensitive Installations & Home Addresses

  1. It is requested that disclosure or publication of security details of, or other sensitive information not widely in the public domain which might be useful in particular to terrorist planning about, the following facilities should not be made without first seeking advice:

    (a) defence and related sites associated with the nuclear weapons programme;

    (b) high security MOD and military sites associated with intelligence and other sensitive activities;

    (c) sites of headquarters or communications facilities for use by government or NATO in time of crisis;

    (d) serious vulnerabilities of a long-term nature identified in the Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) which if directly attacked could cause major widespread disruption and/or loss of life*.
  2. It is also requested that where individuals are likely targets for attacks by terrorists, care should be taken not to publish details of their homes or addresses without first seeking advice. People who are assessed as being at particular risk are those with security and counter-terrorist duties or backgrounds. However, others because of their duties or backgrounds may also be at risk in certain circumstances. Specific advice on this will be given on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Rationale. Information about key facilities and installations could be of value to persons or governments whose interests might be harmful to those of the UK and NATO.

*Further information on CNI is available under 'Security Advice' on