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Last Updated: 29 Nov 2011

DA-Notice 02: Nuclear & Non-Nuclear Weapons & Equipment

  1. It is requested that disclosure or publication of highly classified information about nuclear and non-nuclear defence equipment or equipment used to counter threats of terrorist attacks of the kind listed below should not be made without first seeking advice:

    (a) nuclear weapons, highly classified information on:

    1. the detailed design of nuclear weapons and the technologies for producing them;

    2. operational details;

    3. detailed security arrangements for the storage, transport and development of nuclear weapons and associated fissile materials;

    (b) non-nuclear defence and counter-terrorist equipment, highly classified information on:

    1. design details, technical specifications and materials;

    2. performance figures and operational capabilities;

    3. areas of vulnerability to counter-measures.


Nuclear. The release of highly classified British technical information on nuclear weapons could enable others to develop such weapons which would be in breach of the British Government’s non-proliferation obligations and ultimate disarmament objectives. Release of highly classified operational plans and security arrangements could potentially jeopardise the safety and security of our nuclear forces and reduce their deterrent value.

Non-Nuclear and Counter-Terrorist. The disclosure of highly classified information about equipment used for defence and counter-terrorism purposes could enable potential enemies or terrorists to devise effective counter-measures more quickly, to speed up the development of their own weapons and equipment and to alter their operating methods so that attacks which might otherwise have been frustrated could prove successful.