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Last Updated: 29 Nov 2011

DA-Notice 01: Military Operations, Plans & Capabilities

  1. It is requested that disclosure or publication of highly classified information within the categories listed below should not be made without first seeking advice:

    (a) details of present or future operations, methods, tactics and contingency planning, to meet particular hostile situations and to counter threats of terrorist attacks;

    (b) details of the state of readiness and operational capability of individual units or formations whose involvement in such operations is current or may be imminent;

    (c) operational movements of such individual units or formations (as distinct from routine movements unconnected with operations);

    (d) particulars of current or projected tactics, trials, techniques and training (including anti-interrogation training and operational techniques and tactics used to counter terrorism);

    (e) details of defensive or counter-terrorist measures taken by individual installations, units or formations;
  2. Rationale. In general it is important not to publish highly classified information which could be damaging to national security by giving a potential enemy important strategic or operational advantages; which could be exploited by terrorists to devise counter-measures with the consequence that attacks which might otherwise have been frustrated could prove successful; or which could compromise counter-terrorist operations, endanger lives or put sources at risk.

See also DA Notice No 5 concerning Special Forces.